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Lenses 101
There are many facets to spectacle lenses to consider when creating a set of eyeglasses. The composition of a spectacle lens consists of the lens style, type, material, and premium qualities, if any. Below are the different categories with a brief description along with links for an in-depth look at each categories' structure. Feel free to visit our showroom and knowledgeable staff and see why we have become one of Southern California's Premier Opticals.

Lens Style Lens Type Lens Material Premium Lenses


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Lens Style

The lens style identifies what function the lens may serve, whether it is no prescription or a prescription lens to help address visual correction. The lens style helps to identify the lens' spherical power (Plus + or Minus -) or if it has no prescription. However, there are other faucets to prescription lenses like a cylinder and/or ADD power to accommodate correction needed for astigmatism and presbyopia. To the left are links providing more information about lens styles and prescription lenses.

Difference Between Lens Styles and Lens Anatomies
Different Lens Anatomy How Prescription Lenses Work

Lens Type

The Type of lens dictates its functional use. Single vision is a mono visual lens yielding a single field of vision; whether there is no prescription or a single RX prescription. Many multi-focal lens are attributed to presbyopia, which leads the user to many lens options including bifocals, trifocals, progressive, double segment, quadra-focal and computer lenses. Below you will find links to help identify the characteristics of each respective lens.

Different Lens Types
Single Vision Trifocal Lenses Computer Lenses
Bifocal Lenses Progressive Lenses Occupational Lenses

Lens Material

The Material/Medium offers the user a wide range of options from protection from hazardous elements to comfort by producing a thinner lens to the maximum durability offered. All these materials have strong qualities, but may have other characteristics to consider depending on usage and prescription. The links to the left should help tailor the ideal lenses for individual lifestyles.

Difference Between Materials
Standard Plastic (CR-39) Trivex High Index
Polycarbonate Glass


Lens Premium

Premium lenses offer the latest in technology. These lenses are often referred to as specialty lenses. For the most part these lenses enhance aesthetics and functional use to fit active lifestyles, niche functions and/or extreme prescriptions. There is usually sophisticated technology involved with premium lenses, which is also accompanied with premium pricing. To the left are links providing more information of each respective premium lens.

Different Premium Lenses
Photo-chromatic (Transitions) Polarized Drivewear
High Definition (HD) Advantage Aspheric

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