Vision Therapy Examinations

Vision Therapy Examinations

Vision is more than seeing 20/20. How your eyes function in your environment includes many more visual skills and processing. If you have eyestrain/headaches with near work or visual activity, intermittent blurred vision, double vision, difficulty reading, an eye turn or lazy eye, have a history of concussion or brain injury, a deeper evaluation of your visual skills is recommended.

Visual Efficiency Evaluation

Functional visual skills allow you to comfortably and efficiently gather information from your surroundings. These skills include eye tracking, eye teaming, and eye focusing (making an image clear). Deficiencies in these skills can cause difficulty with reading (slow, skipping lines/words), copying, ball catching, and intermittent blur. A thorough evaluation will show how to best treat your condition. Treatment can include glasses prescription, prism, and vision therapy.

Strabismus/Amblyopia Evaluation

Strabismus is an eye turn outward, inward or vertical and can cause symptoms such as poor depth perception, blurry vision, or double vision. Amblyopia, also known as “lazy eye,” is where, even with proper glasses prescription, you are unable to see clearly due to poor visual development. This is most commonly caused from a difference in glasses prescription between eyes and/or strabismus. A thorough evaluation will show how to best treat your condition. Treatment can include glasses prescription, prism, and vision therapy.

Neuro-optometric Evaluation

Brain injuries very often cause vision problems including blurriness, double vision, difficulty with reading, difficulty in crowded environments (such as a grocery store), depth perception problems, dizziness/vertigo, feeling off-balance, loss of side vision and visual processing difficulty. Brain injury severity can range from mild traumatic brain injury (such as concussion) to stroke and cerebral palsy. We can help you manage these symptoms and rehabilitate deficient visual skills for your recovery.

Vision Therapy

A vision therapy program uses exercises to train the eyes and brain to develop or rehabilitate necessary visual skills. This involves in-office one-on-one training with home practice. After a successful vision therapy program, there are often improvements in visual comfort, reading, depth perception, peripheral awareness, and balance/coordination.

World Optic houses a Neuro-Developmental Optometrist specializing in vision therapy that evaluates individual patient needs and assists with achieving overall goals. The Neuro-Developmental Optometrist at World Optic addresses visual issues with a realistic approach to reach benchmarks by working together with patients to develop a unique curriculum to meet goals of daily living.

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